Living Life Well


"CHAYAH" (Pronounced "Kaiya") ​a Hebrew word meaning "To Live, To Have Life, To Revive".  

All Natural Aromatherapy & Spa Products

Our Products and Services

Essential Oil Singles

Our Essential Oils are pure, therapeutic grade oils.  No chemicals or preservatives have been used and they are internationally sourced meeting the highest quality standards for organically grown oils.

Spa & Home Care Products

All Spa and Home Care Products are made with the highest quality natural ingredients.  Custom products can also be made by request.

Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

Our Essential Oil Diffuser Blends have been formulated to enhance the mood of any space.  Whether you want to wind down from a long day or get your smile on with an uplifting blend we have one that will be right for you!


Our diffusers are of the highest quality and will surely not disappoint even the most experienced user.   Belgium designed with high quality materials and workmanship, they are absolutely gorgeous, powerful and virtually silent to run.